Monday, 7 October 2013

My Story - This Is My Life ..Submission by Lisa Schiftan


Why is it such a hard road? The "Wagon" so to speak, gets full and bumpy, and someone falls off. To fight that devil within, and be tempted by the one thing that ruins not only you life but those around you. The ones you love and the ones that love you.
Recovery, always within it. Never, truly able to say that I am fixed, that I have recovered. Ah, what a joy that would be. to remove the shackles and be free of that title, "Recovering Addict".
I have prayed all the time, that I had never discovered that thing that took away my physical pain away, and then for some reason, the mental the pain was gone. It made life bearable again with the physical pain better, so to speak. It was not making the cause of the pain better, just making it disappear for a short while. In time mentally it seemed that it repaired that too. Reality, it was only numbing the memories, so that I could forget. Forget, a memory in my brain and block them and made life bearable again. So I thought.
I was 17 years old, it all started because of an accident that happened to my neck, and I am two inches shorter now. That year in my life seemed to be very crucial year. The year that I was 17, that was the year of my life which I made some choices that would unknowingly affect my whole life . I am now 20 years older and I fight the battle everyday and I will for the rest of my life

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